Die Planung / A Terv, a magazine from 2048, 2036, 2011

Die Planung / A Terv (“The Planning”) is a publication project for the utilization of the future, now. Die Planung / A Terv partially adopts the role of an utopian operation in the format of a print magazine. Each one of the three issues carries a different date from the future (2011, 2036 and 2048) and is pre-released in the summer of 2007. These issues are in fact an advance from the future, and they will be officially released in those future years in order to be verified. All contributions are conceived from a future perspective encouraging the emergence of a different reality based on the present circumstances (of 2007). Sixty authors contributed from those future dates. (Artwork above is “Beautiful Girl’s” by Daniela Comani)

All issues contain the blocks LIFE DEATH and SEX. Those categories stand for what we, the collective, consider to be “eternal”.
All issues have no particular focus. Each issue simulates a distinct reality. They combine found texts and images with new contributions written from the perspective of the particular year. The differentiation of the realities is automatically generated by the dates themselves, and it derives from clusters of notions (scenarios) we attribute to each year.

Editors: Sandra Bartoli, Martin Conrads, Silvan Linden, Levente Polyák, Katarina Sevic

Logo Design & Basic Typographical Concept: Anna Mándoki
Cover & Layouts: Sandra Bartoli (2048), Katarina Sevic (2036), Silvan Linden (2011)

The project is funded by Bipolar German-Hungarian Cultural Projects (an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation) and supported by the Secretariat for Futures Studies (Berlin, Bonn) and nextlab (Budapest).

No. 25, June/July 2011

2011: Trend, ridiculous, catastrophic, hyper-future (sleek, shiny, flamboyant), camp, out of control, imminence (warfare, fossil energy), delayed (reaction), green at loss, cataclysmic, Life, Sex, Death
Aspassia Kouzoupi: Perpetual Entelechy; Roland Nolte: How Sustainable is our Energy System?; János Sugár: If We’re So Good, Why Aren’t We Better?; J.A. Tillmann: The Forgetters; Deane Simpson & Jörg Stollmann: The future is now ­ the future is Old; Ferda Kolatan: Instant Bodies (IBs); Peter Kerites: Cyber-Medical Applications Rock Japanese Voice Market on 2011 First Quarter; László Garaczi: 1 brain; Ulrich Gutmair: umma means communism; Martin Burckhardt; Open Letter; Ulrike Feser: expectance crisis; Beatriz Colomina: A House of Ill Repute; Daniela Comani: Beautiful Girl’s; Michaela Melián: A trip to 433 Eros; Rachel Baker: Witness Testimonial by Zabdiel Levi. Google VS The Unplugged Re-enactors Society; Zsófia Bán: Love Is All You Need?; Jason Danziger: Sing Sing; Aaron Mo: Artists and gentrification in London; Balázs Irimiás: Sutra of the Earth Goddess; Vera Tollmann: Again in Berlin; Kathrin Röggla: the right people to talk to; Intercultural Orientation and the RandomRoutines: Save your past in the future! Silvan Linden: 1650 Km Rainforest – Manaus to Santa Cruz

(ISBN: 978-963-06-2501-2), 183 Pages

No. 117, June/July 2036

2036: Unofficial, resistance, complete freedom, postmodern dystopia, release, supernatural (breathing cities, made of organic, alive materials, symbiosis), pain, spared, romantic, illegal knowledge, energy, dream, restriction, Sex, Death, Life
Intercultural Orientation group and the RandomRoutines; Balázs Bodó: Diary; László Garaczi: 1 brain; János Sugár: A New Celebrity Arrives; Benedek Jávor: Notes from the house of past; Stephan Trüby: ESWTNJB – Notes for a conspiracy-theoretical architecture novel; Elizabeth Felicella: Rochester, Minnesota; Sebastian Cichocki: Bloody Exhibition Opening; J. A. Tillmann: hyaena reclama; Ines Schaber: Radio Activity; Reiner Maria Matysik: sexual vegetation; Róbert Szabó-Benke: Konyi Shiva showing; Ferenc Kömlödi: Transhuman Tales; Carolee Schneemann: Parts of a Body House; Far Severö Sapirico: YESTEM (excerpt); LIGNA: read carefully; Guy van Belle: views of the decade; Ronald Düker: Ventoux protests turn violent; Yona Friedman: A museum of the 21st century, in Paris; Levente Polyák: Shelves – The Discovery of Yona Friedman’s A Museum of the 21st Century, in Paris; McKenzie Wark: Between times; Charles Holland: it’s a small world

(ISBN: 978-963-06-2502-9), 209 Pages

No. 247, June/July 2048
2048: Official, institutional, state terrorist vision, utterly and ultimately planned, modernist utopia, re-appropriation, coercion, good, oppression, paradise, imposed, eschatology, nature, heroism, terrible beauty, pleasure, disturbing forces, violence, law/shock, exaggeration, Death, Life, Sex
Luc Merx; Hanna Cheng Maas Mandlova & Laurlene Gwk Nganeland: Report on the Visit of the Anthropological Task Force to Kov; Intercultural Orientation and the RandomRoutines: tccp opens new recollecting yard; Ingo Niermann: The Return of the Pyramid; Terre Thaemlitz: 105,120,000’33” A Sound Score In Two Movements; László Garaczi: 1 brain; Velimir Abramovic: Ontology of Time; a42.org: Kimilsungia; J. A. Tillmann: The Advent of Avatars; Richard W. Wilkie: Time Realities and Memories of Place; János Sugár: The Golden Age; Martin Conrads: Letter to the Editors; SKART: (What / For Whom / How) Hands Don’t Fear!!!; Maja and Reuben Fowkes: The Art of Post-Ecological Subjectivities; zeitguised: faller world model, biodigital; Hilmar Schmundt: Future instead of Origin or …; Detlev Arendt: “Harmonised Partnership” from an Evolutive Perspective; Erik Bünger: Have I seen your face before?; Ferenc Gerlóczy: Communism as Follow-up Care; Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto; Iassen Markov & Giulia Tubelli: Verwaltungshefte Januar

(ISBN: 978-963-06-2503-6), 217 Pages

Die Planung / A Terv is published in Berlin and Budapest, in original version and English translation