la zona

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lz_buerofuerkonstruktivismus_01s2lz_buerofuerkonstruktivismus_03s2La Zona is an exhibition curated by Sandra Bartoli, Ulrike Feser, Silvan Linden, Florian Wüst at the nGbK Berlin in 2012. The show explores different categories of “zone”: contaminated, decontaminated, post-contaminated, exploited, protected and ephemeral. The initial reference is the zone in the novel Roadside Picnic by the Strugatzky brothers and in Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker – a territory that is at once enclosed and abandoned, deadly and healing, unpredictable, and always changing.  La Zona freely associates aspects of “the frontal attack to all conditions of life” (Michael Hauffen, 2012) and constructs a science fiction narrative out of the polymorphic reality of the “zone” and the fractured idea of progress and enlightenment. Dangerous and remote, deterring and attractive as the zone can be, it is a permanent part of our living environment and imaginary world.


Participants in La Zona: Büro für Konstruktivismus (exhibition architecture), Michael Danner, Katja Davar, Amin Farzanefar, Kim Feser, Ulrike Feser, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Ralf Homann, Ins A Kromminga, Tara Mahapatra, Steven Matheson, Chris McGrane, Esther Neumann, Lina Selander, Dylan Spaysky, Charles Stankievech, Ashok Sukumaran, Florian Wüst, Daniel Young & Christian Giroux